Mindfulness Courses

We offer the following courses to the public , schools and workplaces:

Our current open mindfulness course;

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Mindfulness for Wellbeing 8 week course

Aims and objectives:

This experiential course explores how to develop mindfulness in everyday life and draws on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques as well as Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.

  • Learn how practicing mindfulness can build wellbeing and increase resilience to stress and recurrent depression
  • Practice simple and effective techniques you can use in daily life, anywhere and at any time
  • Explore how to deepen and sustain your practice at home

Duration: 8 weeks course for 2.25 hours, plus a weekend practice/retreat day


Introduction to Mindfulness Taster Session

This experiential, introductory workshop (one hour) introduce participants to the concept of mindfulness and its benefits


  • Explore how practicing mindfulness can create a sense of wellbeing, focus and can increase resilience to stress and recurrent depression
  • Experience first-hand what mindfulness is, by participating in a short mindfulness practice
  • Learn a simple and effective mindfulness technique that can be used in daily life, anywhere, at any time
  • Duration: 1 hour although this can be expanded or reduced to suit the audience


An Introduction to Mindfulness in the Workplace

Suitable for:  Frontline staff , managers, HR managers, those with an interest in workplace wellbeing

Duration:  2.5 hours


This experiential, introductory workshop aims to explore the application of mindfulness in a workplace context, as way to increase concentration, creativity and resilience to stress


  • To understand how simple mindfulness techniques can enhance workplace performance and emotional health
  • To practice a brief mindfulness tool that can be used anywhere and at any time
  • To gain insight into your own stress triggers and how mindfulness can help you make more positive choices for yourself


Mindfulness in Schools / .b

We now offer .b mindfulness workshops for students aged 11-18.

.b pronounced [dot-be] stands for “Stop, breathe and be!” and is delivered across nine lessons.  The course was written by experienced classroom teachers and mindfulness practitioners and evaluated positively by the universities of Cambridge and Oxford Brookes.   If your school is interested in taster sessions, teacher training or running the .B programme for your students, please contact ruthtaylor@norwichmind.org.uk

Follow-on practice groups

Once you have completed an 8 week mindfulness course you may find you want to continue to meet with others to share experiences and learn more as your practice deepens.


Norwich Mind can offer regular practice groups in workplaces and for the public.

For further information about our courses or one to one sessions, please contact mindfulness@norwichmind.org.uk