Community Development Programme

The development of a more tolerant and socially inclusive society has been a key national policy driver for many years.  The Community Development Programme has been commissioned by North Norfolk, Norwich and South Norfolk CCGs to improve the health and mental health care experiences of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities.

Community Development Workers act as conduits helping to bridge the gap between service providers and BME users.

CDWs can help community groups and individuals-
  • To develop and access culturally appropriate and sensitive services
  • To learn more about mental health and wellbeing through Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health First Aid and other learning opportunities
  • To access interpreter services and mental health information in different languages
  • To give feedback about the services you use and effect changes in the services that are not appropriate to the needs of your cultural/ethnic group
  • Work with other service providers to help you achieve your wellbeing goals
CDWs can help health/mental health professionals and suppor workers -
  • To acquire cultural competence skills
  • To engage with the diverse communities in your locality
  • To make your services more equitable and culturally sensitive to the needs of your BME patients/clients
  • To make your services more accessible resulting in increased number of BME patients/clients
  • To understand specific health and mental health care needs of the BME groups in your locality

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